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* Some arrive from a failed marital life and are now divorce. – Usually they carry out the dumping after years of working hard intended for the relationship and providing the hubby/boyfriend multiple opportunities. They often stay longer than usual in the marriage trigger, they had kids with the man, social/family consequences, finances(2 covering expenses vs . one covering expenses) etc…

Now after the divorce they go through a level of a little of Average frustrated Bitch chump. Therefore they really don’t understand what they are doing, that they have not been in the sport for long. So usually the first dude they meet, they believe is the “replacement”, but of course they are clingy they get fucked and dumped. After couple of times of this happening they will sort of “get it” just how it works after years of not being during a call.

Several of them go in a second cock carousel stage (rotation of dicks). But then they grow tired of it and are searching for a boyfriend/provider/husband.

two. – Exactly how are they biologically

These women are extremely horny. Did i state they can be super horny. My own theory is that the person is screaming “we are running out of fashion to have kids hurry up and get some dick”. In the event you get into any fact porn type sites you can see how several women, are doing some of the hypesthyphiest shit!. Like gang fucks, gloryholes, cuckhold, swinclub, subterfuge etc… They go through a middle life sex turmoil. Plus, since they are older they understand what they want sexually, are even more upfront sexually and more aggressive sexually. Sex sex, is definitely on the mind, they have toys, they watch adult, they go on the break and masturbate inside the job bathroom, they have a collections of toys etc….

3. – Who do they need in their life.

These women are a lttle bit delusional, they want a hot guy, with cash, with a nice trip, a provider, a prince charming. Their requirements are super high, even although the market value especially compare to younger warmer girls is almost none existent. Second problem, right now there is a little segment of successful over 33 ladies who are practically a dude, too much masculine energy after working with a hubby beta for years and taking role of the man. A good example of what nearly all of these women desire, it is the girl of 50 shades of Grey, Christian Grey. (Best vendor among women). With this being said they will certainly fuck a hot, physical player type to keep things interesting.

four. – Some of the women still married or perhaps in a relationship, nevertheless just roommates, marriage is dead, on and also the approach out in these cases you need to sub-communicate:

a. – Re-assured these people you understand.
b. – You don’t judge.
c. – You don’t hug and spill the beans.
d. – you confide that you are merely a lover and you are not organizing or encouraging her to leave the marriage.
electronic. – You’re not a clinger, stalker and have potential to become a clinger or stalker.

5. – Most of these women are a bit traumatized with “scare tissue”:

* they have been fucked and dump.

*cheated on.

* emotionally and physical abused.

* heart damaged
*slut shamed


*low self respect.

6. – Many of these women have a lttle bit of various insecurities.

* they are obtaining old
* they will be much less hot as they use to be.
2. they have gained a couple pounds.
*no man in their particular life, apart from guys that want to be bang buddies, or the types that want to take all of them serious are guys they are not attracted to (the typical overcompensating nice guy/beta). In other words they want to date up.

7. – Some place their kids first to check out a guy that will certainly not interfere with the youngsters.